Music Lessons at Sutton CP

We're a really musical school!

In addition to  weekly class music lessons each week we have a range of specialist music teachers who offer instrumental lessons* as well as extra curricular music clubs.

Pitch Perfect Music - with Mrs Wendy Turvey

  • class music lessons, recorders, ukulele choir,Djembe, keyboard group, gamelan ensemble, Music Technology Group, Singing lessons,


NYCC Music Service offer a wide range of instrumental tuition. We currently access:

  • Mr Ian Davies - class and individual brass lessons
  • Mr Geoff Stevenson - guitar group

With enough interest other instrumental lessons could be offered in school.

* with the exception of class music lessons there is a small weekly cost for musical instrument lessons taken during the school day


Don't forget that we are the proud home of 'Sutton's Got Brass' -  Community Brass Band!