Librarians 19/20

Hello from the Library Group

Firstly, a big 'THANK YOU' to our fabulous Family Fundraisers,  their very generous donation means we will have lots of lovely new books this year and our new table & chairs is expected any day now.

This year we are busy, as always, with lots of tidying up and scanning your books in and out so we can keep track of where all our books are.  

Did you know you can find a list of all the books you have ever borrowed from the Library?  Just log onto our library system  from a Chrome book in school, or from an internet device at home, using your library barcode number for the username and password, (ask in the library if you can't remember it) enter the school postcode (BD20 7ES) and select Sutton CP School.  Once your are logged on; select the 'Account' tab, then 'past loans', to find the list of the books you have borrowed.  Why not check 'Current loans' to find out when your current book is due for return.  We would love you to click on the 'Review' tab and leave a review on books you have read.

We are here to help you, so if you need a bit of help - just ask!

The Library Group