Back to School For Maths

On the morning of  20th April 2018  we  invited Parents and Carers of Y1 - Y6  to come and enjoy sharing a maths lesson with their child.  We recently started using a fantastic new maths resource called ‘Maths – No Problem!’ which we enjoyed talking about.  We gave Parents and Carers the opportunity to work with their child in the maths lesson using the ‘Maths - No Problem!’ approaches. The aim of the session was to gain a better understanding of how maths is now being taught in school so that Parents aand Carers are more confident in supporting their child with their learning, and to give them a chance to share time with their child in class and to learn with them.

The morning started with a talk in the hall outlining the principles of maths teaching within school and how to support your child.  After this Parents and Carers couldl join their  child in classrooms and work with them throughout the maths lesson which will finished at around 10.00am.

This was a great opportunity for Parents and Carers to experience first-hand some of the learning taking place in school.  Everyone was welcome and I am sure they really enjoyed seeing their  child in action in class.

Mrs Fletcher

Follow this link to watch videos to help you support your child further