Y1 & Y2 Production 1718

Thursday, 8 February, 2018 - 18:00

 Eddie the Penguin Saves the World!

When Eddie The Penguin notices his iceberg melting he decides to move up to the North Pole in search of more ice, however he soon realises that it is fast disappearing there too...

On  a freezing Thursday evening, when it was cold a windy and forecasting snow, friends and families of Y1 and Y2 children huddled together in our nice warm school to be thoroughly entertained by a talented troupe of small penguins, polar bears and assorted animals.

Together they toured the world, as small eco warriors, to spread the message of looking after our planet.
Congratulations to each and every child in Y1 and Y2 who all did their very best—their singing was amazing! Thanks also to everyone at hoe for costumes and learning lines and our lovely staff for producing the show.


On a mission to stop the ice melting any further, Eddie travels the globe to tell all the humans just how they can help!

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