Tag Rugby Union Cluster Tournament

Wednesday, 23 March, 2022 - 15:45

Fabulous Tag Rugby

On Wednesday 23rd March a tag rugby festival for Y5/6 was held at South Craven School. Eight local schools took part, including us. Our amazing players won all three matches in our group and a final match against the winner of the other group - we won all four matches! An absolutely outstanding result considering how little time we had to prepare and learn all the necessary skills needed to play this fun game. The children’s dedication to practising at any opportunity at break times and class teachers enabling additional afternoon sessions did pay off big time. Every single player in our team was a credit to our school with their team spirit and attitude - I am beyond proud! 

The organisers of this festival, RFU, had decided to award the trophy to the team that best demonstrated the RFU core values - teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship and South Craven young sports leaders decided to reward the Steeton team for their effort. I agree that it would’ve been wonderful for our team to get the trophy, as they demonstrated all of these values in order to play as well as they did and win. But to quote one of the players “We had fun, we won and I’m glad I came”. I can hand on heart confirm that our team showed all the above qualities in abundance, plus maturity and positivity that blew my mind and made my heart burst with pride. We have the best kids and the best parents and supporters! 

I also want to mention and applaud all the pupils (four times more than can attend) who put themselves forward wanting to represent our school every time and join the inter-school competitions but haven’t been chosen yet - keep trying, keep practising, keep wanting to be part of team Sutton CP! Your enthusiasm and love for sport and support of our school is totally inspiring. You are all amazing and make our school the luckiest school around. 

Mrs Howes