Harvest Festival - 2017

Friday, 13 October, 2017 - 14:00

Updated Nov 17

Harvest Gift Handover

Specialist Paediatric Nurse Amy came into school this week to accept our donation of £670 towards the Children's Ward garden appeal. Jacob in Y3 presented her with the cheque on your behalf—you can read a copy of his letter to the hospital on our learning tree in the entrance hall. Amy brought us a copy of the plans which have now been drawn up. When the work gets underway, it is planned that a group of our children visit the site and hopefully help with the project.

Watch this space!


Mrs Wallace has been hard at work counting all your coins and we are pleased to tell you that you have donated an astonishing £667.73 to Airedale Hospital Children's Ward Garden—the new garden will be more beautiful because of you!


Thank you for carrots and peas…

The songs are still ringing in our ears and the big harvest count is underway. We have been overwhelmed with little money boxes filled with coins. Given that all children have been completing healthy challenges for the last two weeks, Sutton CP must have the healthiest children around!

Special thanks to:

  • · Paediatric Research Nurse Amy Kitching and staff from the childrens ward,
  • · Laura from South Craven Baptist Church
  • · Parents and friends for the support you have given to our Harvest Appeal

We’ll let you know how much we have raised towards the children’s ward garden when we have finished counting all those coins!


Parents of children who were new to our school family in Sep 17 are invited to join us for our...

Harvest of Health Challenge 2017

Dear Children

When we found out that the staff at Airedale Hospital want to build a garden for the children’s ward we couldn’t resist offering our help! The doctors and nurses know that having access to a lovely garden filled with trees and plants is bound to make even their youngest patients feel better.

Some of you may have even spent time in the ward and know that they don’t have much of a garden at the moment. We are here to help – after all we are learners who grow!

So here’s an easy Harvest of Health Challenge for each and every one of you

It’s really easy…
• Simply make healthy choices for two weeks and use the tally chart provided to record your success (we love a bit of bonus maths!)
• We have given you some ideas to start with but you can also add your own (we love a bit of bonus reading and thinking!)

• Put the collected money into the money box provided

• You can decorate the money boxes with personal messages to children on the ward - maybe you can add trees, plants and flowers. (We love a bit of bonus writing and art!)

• Bring your collection back into school for Harvest Festival on Friday 13th October so that you can add the money you have collected to everyone else’s. (We love a lot of giving!)

The garden is going to be amazing!

*** Please note that there will be no Friday Assembly  due to Harvest Festival ***