Y1 & Y2 Production - Animal Rumble Grumble

Thursday, 17 February, 2022 - 17:30

The children in Y1 and Y2 have been working hard to prepare a musical production of 'Animal Rumble Grumble'. Costumes are all now in school, lines are all learnt and songs have been rehearsed and so we are ready next week to commence the filming of this fabulous production.

Animal Rumble Grumble is a 35+ minute musical play for ages 5 to 9, making it ideal for whole-school performance by infant, primary and first schools. This colourful, atmospheric show takes inspiration from a traditional Kenyan folktale. The animals of the plain are fearful of a strange distant rumbling.  “Something terrible is coming this way !  It will destroy us and take over our plains.”  The animals quickly seek the advice of Ghubari, a wise old man who lives at the top of the umbrella thorn tree. But his wise and cryptic words confuse them, so the animals find enough courage to seek out and confront the terrible danger that is coming closer.

Animal Rumble Grumble will be uploaded to  onto Google Classroom for Y1 and Y2 from Thursday 17th February 2022.