World Book Day 2020

Thursday, 5 March, 2020 (All day)

'Reading is dreaming with your eyes open'

'Books are uniquely portable pieces of magic'!  Y6

On Thursday 5th March, our school was filled with some very strange people indeed!  

What a wonderful range of 'characters' we had for World Book Day 2020!  Harry Potter, Horrid Henry, Dr Who, Gangsta Granny, The Cat in the Hat and the BFG were all in attendance, along with many princesses, superheroes and a whole menagerie of characters from our pupils' favourite books.  Even Mrs Beetles had been replaced with a wise old rabbit (complete with mushroom handbag) from Year 3's class novel,  Podkin One Ear!  After an enthusiastic assembly, each class enjoyed a range of book related activities and shared reading.  It was a joy to see so many children finding pleasure in reading a good book!

Well done to the two winners of the 'I read in bizarre places' photo competition.

Vinny (YR) caught up with the Avengers, who listened to him reading his book.  It was a bizarre situation Vinny found himself in, what with a full on battle going on around him, but the Avengers knew the importance of reading a little bit each day, so couldn’t resist listening to Vinny read one of his books!!  His family managed to take a photo without getting caught in any cross fires!!!   

Stan (Y4) took time out from an American football game to do a spot of reading.  Sitting in the middle of the pitch, Stan was completely engrossed in his reading and was oblivious to the action going on around him.   

The winners both received a £10 gift voucher.  Thank you to all who took part; we had some brilliant photographs from reading in the shovel of a digger, to reading mid-bounce on a trampoline.

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