Harvest 18 - Saving the World - One Flush at a Time!

Friday, 19 October, 2018 - 14:30

Updated Nov 18 

Thanks to the small group of parents who helped out by counting all the donations from Harvest festival. The amount raised was £412.30 which, with a donation from school , will enable the Toilet Twinning Charity  to build 7 new toilets in the developing world. This is a great result—thank you so much!


When we  asked  our children whether they would rather have a sports car or a toilet not surprisingly many children in school opted for a sports car. The idea of talking about toilets made many of them giggle! When we told them that:

  • 2.3 billion people in the world today don’t have access to a hygienic and safe place to go to the toilet. 
  • 1 billion people go to toilet out in the open where they are vulnerable to snake bites and being assaulted
  • 443 million school days are lost each year through children not having access to water and sanitation

Children quickly stopped quickly giggling and wanted to know how they could help.

So here at Sutton CP we plan do something extraordinary for our Harvest Challenge – we are  going to Twin our Toilets! By joining with the charity toilettwinning.org we’d like to raise enough for each class to support the building of one new toilet in the developing world. That’s £60 per class – or approximately  £2 per child. We think we can do it and we’d like  your help.

We’ve provided your child with a donation box to put near their toilet at home and suggest that every time they ‘spend a penny’ over the next week and a half they add a few coins into their donation box. Children will probably like to decorate their donation box – perhaps with some encouraging messages for the Charity which we can pass on.

Please bring your money box back on Friday 19th October where they will add their donations as part of our Harvest Festival - extra boxes are available from the school office

Harvest Festival will replace our usual Friday assembly and due to space restrictions  is open to Parents who have joined us in September 2018.