Y1 & Y2 Present: 'The Bee Musical'

Thursday, 21 February, 2019 - 18:00

The hall was buzzin’ on Thursday 21st February as the Y1 & Y2 children performed ‘The Bee Musical.’

All the cute little bees in Mr Waxworth’s hive were eager to do their part— except from one! Poor Grumble Bee! She just wanted to do something special with her life and didn't see the point in finding nectar and collecting pollen all day long.

But, when world bee colonies start collapsing and a shortage of plants meant they were unable to pollinate all sorts of food types or even feed themselves, Mr Waxworth and the put all put their thinking caps on to do something about it.

The buzz surrounding the bees’ most exciting play of the year, ‘The Bee’s Knees’, helped Brumble Bee realise just how vital the work of the bee is and convinced everyone else to do their part to save the bees.

Songs included ‘Honey Bee Mine’ and the ‘Bee-Bop.’ The audience were amazzzed at the danczzing and sazzy szzinging!

These musicals only happen with  a great deal of hard work—everyone joining together like bees in a hive.

We’d like to thank parents at home for cute costumes and learning of lines, staff at school for rehearsal and preparation but most of all to the children in Y1 & Y2 —you were  simplee marvellouzz…..