Agony Aunt Dot visits school to conclude Internet Safety Week - Feb 17

Friday, 10 February, 2017 (All day)

On Friday 10th Feb (to conclude Safer Internet week) Dot, the ever-so-friendly but ‘definitely different’ Agony Aunt will visit Sutton CP School. Her sack of worried letters is full to bursting and she’s going to need some help. The children will discuss who’s making messy footprints all over the internet?
 Why do imaginary friends sometimes seem cooler than real ones? Will Grandad EVER learn how to take a selfie and share it safely?

What the children will learn...
The importance of being nice and safe whilst using the internet
Expressing ideas, thoughts and feelings through role-play and drama
People don't always look like they should on the internet
To always ask an adult if they are unsure about something they come across whilst playing online