World Book Day - 2 Mar 17

Thursday, 2 March, 2017 (All day)

*** UPDATED***

World Book Day 2017

Yesterday our school population was replaced by a host of characters from books! It was amazing to see Peter Pan talking with Horrid Henry whilst Charlie Bucket solved a maths problem with Bond (James Bond) We had a whole class worth of characters from  Hogwarts as well as a tribe of fairy tale Characters and swirls of princesses. One member of staff  even drove to work dressed as Simba singing songs from the Lion King…The after school book sale was a great success.

Thanks to Mrs Whitehead for all her work in planning the event—all funds raised will go towards our playground development plans.

Top Tips for Reading with your child at home

Reading really matters • As parents, you are your child's most influential teacher with an important part to play in helping your child with reading. One study even demonstrates that how well 7-year olds read, predicts their income 35 years later! Regular reading • Read often  at home – don’t make it a long session. • Little and often is much more effective. • 10 minutes a day works well in KS1 • 4 times a week for 15 – 20 mins works well in KS2. This can be silently reading to themselves or to you. If your child enjoys reading to themselves, show an interest in what they are reading, ask questions, maybe read the book yourself! • Make it comfortable. • Create a routine that works for you both. • Who else can they read with? 

For more top tips visit the ‘Supporting Your Child at Home’ section of our website.

We have some exciting plans for World Book Day on Thursday 2 March...

We are inviting children to dress-up as a character from a book. Please have fun creating a costume; you do not have to go to great expense as often the simple costumes are the most effective. There are lots of ideas online or ask a teacher at school for ideas!

Have a look at:

Mrs Fletcher will be leading a session at 2.30 for parents with some advice on how to help your child develop as a reader at home. Following this there will be chance for you to get together with your child to read together for the last part of the afternoon.

After school we will be having a second hand book sale from 3.30-4.30pm

We are asking for donations of second hand books in good condition (please bring these into school from  22nd February).

There will be no charge for the dressing up day but there will be a small charge for the books which will go towards our playground fund.

Thank you for your support