Routine & Timetable

Routine and Timetable

Here is an outline of a day in Reception!

8.55 am – Registration: The children come into school and complete a handwriting activity, after registration we have family group time, we then have some independent learning time.

9.30am – Phonics: During the phonics session we learn new sounds and tricky words through lots of games and fun activities. As the year progresses we learn to read and write independently by using these skills.

9.50-11.10 am – Free flow: This is the time when the children begin their independent learning and can chose from indoor or outdoor provision throughout the year. The adults spend time working with the children to discuss and extend their learning. 

11.15 am - Review time: We all come back to the carpet to reflect on the learning that has taken place throughout the morning. We do this in out family groups. ( Orange, Green and Yellow) The children get opportunities to discuss their learning with their peers and share their ideas with the class. We then think about how they can then move their learning forward. We wash our hands and have snack together on the carpet.

11.45 am – Lunch time: We are all very hungry and lots of us enjoy a school lunch and then the children go and play out with the older children. 

1.00pm – Registration and Maths: The afternoon begins with a self registration followed by a short maths session. Here the children get to learn new skills through fun, interactive games and activities. Sometimes the children work in a small group with an adult to practise a specific skill.

1.20 pm – Free Flow: As in the morning, the children get another chance to continue their independent play.

2.50 pm – Tidy up time: Everyone helps to tidy all the areas of provision and the children have their own areas to be responsible for.

3.00 pm – At the end of the day we come back to the carpet before home time. During this time we either listen to a story, enjoy a music session or sometimes have circle time to share our thoughts and feelings.

3.30 – Home time!