Learning to do while at home

Please find below a list of suggested activities to undertake for the first few days your child is at home.  If their absence is longer than a few days learning linked with what is being taught in class will be posted on Google Classroom.

HOME ACTIVITIES  - choose from any of the below (use your learning journal to help)

  • Use the phase 5 phonemes to write real words.
  • Use the phase 5 phonemes to write alien (made up) words.
  • Speed write some of the graphemes from phase 5.
  • Play bingo using phase 5 phonemes.
  • Practice your tricky words from your learning journal.
  • Write some tricky words into sentences.
  • Watch Geraldine The Giraffe of You tube for any phase 5 sounds.
  • Choose a grapheme from phase 5 - go on a hunt around the house to find things that have that grapheme in.

Here are some maths activities:

-At the bottom of the page there are some maths activity mats uploaded as a pdf.

-Roll a dice twice (you could use an interactive dice if you cannot find one at home)  and add the two numbers together. Make 10 numbers.  Once you have created 10 numbers, start rolling the dice twice again. When you add the numbers together if your answer is on your grid then you can cross it off. Continue until all your numbers are crossed off. You could play a variation of this where you roll the dice three times and add the numbers.

-10 objects game - collect 10 objects e.g. cubes, pasta, teddies  -Play with a partner and take it in turns to take away 1, 2 or 3 of the objects away at a time. The winner is the one who takes away the last object.

-Topmarks is a website with some fabulous maths games.

Practice numbers to 10. Farmer Pete on Youtube is a great video to watch. 

Watch Numberblocks on BBC I player.

In English we are basing our writing on The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. At the bottom of the page, there is a pdf document with the story. Read this together and try to learn it by heart. 

 - Draw a scene from the story

 - Write a description of Mr Grinling

- In the story Mrs Grinling makes a disgusting sandwich as part of the plan. Create your own disgusting sandwich. Write down ideas of what you would put in your sandwich - you could think of lots of different ideas to use. 

- Write a set of instructions on how to make a delicious sandwich for Mr Grinling. 

-Create a story map of The Light House Keeper's Lunch.

-Re-write the story, but change parts. You could change the seagulls to different animals, you could change the plans that were used. 

Remember to stay active each day. You might want to do a Cosmic Yoga,  Go Noodle, Wake up Shake up Koo Koo Kanga Roo.