Routine & Timetable

What does a day in Year 6 look like?

Every day, the pupils will be engaged in a range of activities following the Year 6 Long Term plan which covers all aspects of the Year 6 National Curriculum, taught and supported by the adults who work in the class.  To see what the class timetable looks like on a 'normal' day, please click on the Timetable link at the bottom of this page.


In line with the new primary curriculum, our pupils will continue to learn French for the second year running, building on what they have already learned in Year 5.  This is very exciting and pupils can look forward to developing their ablilities to communicate in a foreign language - fantastique!

PE and Games

PE sessions will be taught on Wednesday afternoons with the support of our PE Teaching Assistant - Mrs Howes. 

Please make sure all children come to school on these days wearing the correct PE kit (white t-shirt, black shorts and appropriate footwear).  In cold weather, pupils may also wear black or grey leggings/jogging trousers and a jumper or hoodie (school purple/teal ones please). 

For health and safety reasons, children wearing earrings will be required to remove them for safe-keeping if they are able, or should have them covered with tape.


Pupils will currently be taught spellings on a weekly basis.  Initially, we will be ensuring all pupils have a secure grasp of the Year 3, 4 and 5 spelling lists, before moving on to learning the Year 6 spelling patterns and related words. Spelling patterns and words will be introduced on a Friday for a test the following Friday.  Pupils will spend time learning these during the week in school and are expected to supplement this learning with practise at home.  The skills, strategies and journaling methods they use will be invaluable for helping them to spell unfamiliar words in their writing, with greater accuracy.  Please support your child in learning their spellings each week.

Times Tables

Pupils will be encouraged to learn the full set of times tables by heart and will be engaged in a range of tasks to improve speed of recall and accuracy throughout the school week.  Times Tables Speed Challenges on these will take place on a weekly basis, with specific times tables being given to learn as part of their Home Learning.


Most of our Year 6 pupils are at the stage of 'free reading' where they are developing the skills to choose appropriate books to read for pleasure.  They are supported to choose reading material that is age appropriate and suited to their current reading ability.  All pupils are given time to read for pleasure for 20 minutes each day and are encouraged to find time at home to continue their reading.  

Learning Journals

Your child should already have been using his/her Learning Journal in the previous school year.  This is an invaluable resource for keeping parents up-to-date with what your child is learning in school.  It is full of useful resources and information to support your child with his/her learning, with sections for making useful notes from lessons, spellings and a reading record. 

Your child is expected to take this home with them every evening and to bring it into school with them every day.  Please support your child in doing so and in encouraging the use of this resource in and out of school.