E safety

Children and staff at Sutton CP School are able to access the internet through NYCC learning net. We recognise the tremendous opportunities the internet provides whilst having due regard for the safety of our children.

Internet Safety Awareness for parents

Parents are advised on the latest developments to ensure that they are aware of how to keep their children safe on the internet at home.  Guidance on the responsible use of Facebook and other social networks by parents in connection to school will be provided and support for parenst signposted. Follow this link to support you safeguard your child online

Digital and Video Images of Pupils

Parental permission is sought when children start school regarding the use of photographs of pupils on the school website and in the local press. These details are available on the school system. It is the Class Teachers responsibility to be aware of which children’s photos can’t be used. When on school trips the group leader must make clear to helpers that they are only permitted to take photographs of their own child.

School Website

Our school website promotes and provides up to date information about the school, In order to minimise risks of any images of pupils on the school website being used inappropriately the following steps are taken:

• Group photos are used where possible, with general labels/captions;

• Names and images are kept separate – if a pupil is named their photograph is not used and vice-versa;

• The website does not include home addresses, telephone numbers, personal e-mails or any other personal information about pupils or staff.

Storage of images

Digital and video images of pupils are taken with school equipment only. Images are stored on a centralised area on the school network, accessible only to teaching staff. Photographs of pupils are removed when they leave the school.

Social Software

Chatrooms, blogs and other social networking sites are blocked by the North Yorkshire filters so pupils do not have access to them in the school environment. Advice for parents on use of social media at home.


We regard the education of pupils on the safe and responsible use of social software as vitally important and this is addressed through our Internet Safety Education for pupils.

Instances of cyber bullying of pupils or staff will be regarded as very serious offences and dealt with according to the school’s discipline policy and child protection procedures.

Mobile phones are only permitted in exceptional circumstances  and then only with prior written agreement from school. 

Pupils are aware that any misuse of /websites/email should be reported to a member of staff immediately.

websites which offer parents further support and advice: