Sutton in Craven CP - Where Learners Lead!

At Sutton in Craven Community Primary School  we have  high expectations and aspirations for all  our pupils.  We are aim for the highest levels of achievement and personal development for all pupils during their time  here –  we  believe that pupil leadership is fundamental to this experience.

We have six pupil voice groups consisting of a mix of pupil from Y2-Y6 and  believe that involvement in pupil leadership prepares our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life in modern Britain.

To become a member of a pupil voice group children are asked to apply in writing, seek references and then to be interviewed by their peers. This process usually in the summer term in preparation for the following academic year. In 1617  sixty three children were appointed to a coverted place on a pupil voice group.

During each academic year pupil voice groups hold regular meetings to plan and carry out their annual work – they lead their own assembly each term and produce reports for newsletters and for the Governing  Body. Records of their work, and the diffrences they have made, are kept in the form of scrapbooks and colourful display boards in our school library. Every group is supported in their work by a  designated member of school staff.

Membership of a group requires commitment – pupils have the opportunities to work alongside children from different age groups. Respect, courtesy and good manners towards each other and adults is expected.

There are six established pupil voice groups at our school:

                    Staff lead

             Membership 1617

Global Group

  Señora Stansfield

& Proua Howes


Fundraising family

   Miss Ibbotson, Mrs Dwyer, Miss Jackson


Green Group

   Mr Allack & Mrs Kerr


Tuck Shop

   Mrs Ward & Mrs Humphrey


Playground Buddies

   Miss Whitham & Miss Blackie



   Mrs Broughton


Y6 Young Leaders

   Miss Dunkley & Mrs Fletcher    20

School Council

   Mrs Dickinson

Vice Chair of Governors


Two members of each group also sit on our full School Council, which is led by Ms McKenney. The school council takes a wider view of issues affecting our school and identify one or two development priorities each year.

Traditionally membership of pupil voice groups have tailed off in Y6 and so from 1415 we have introduced  Y6 Young Leaders role. Based on the premise of ‘service’  to our school we have identified important leadership roles for our  Y6 Young Leaders which can only be met by older, more mature pupils.