Maths games and activities to do at home

There are lots of activities parents can do with their children to help them develop a sense of number and to help them develop their mathematical skills and knowledge.  So many aspects of life include maths that often children are doing maths without realising. 

Card games, dominoes and dice games are particularly good for developing a sense of number.  Yahtzee is a dice game we would recommend for older children and you can find a score card to use attached below.  The rules can be easily found online.

Below is a list of activities suitable for YR up to Y6 that can all be used to promote learning.

Knowing your times tables is another key area for children to develop.  We have a subscription to TTrockstars, your child should know their login details, which is a great resource to use.  We have also attached below a speed tables game that can be used.

All you can do to help your child learn and enjoy maths will be well worth it.