Mrs J’s Kitchen School Meal Events 1415

Dear Everyone

Here's a list of all the special lunches that I will be doing in school this year. You will see that some of them are just  open for children who do not usually have one of my yummy lunches and some are open for every child in school to have a school meal and to invite one guest to come along and have a school meal with them.
The menus will be published on our newsletter a couple of weeks before the date of the meal.

 If you would like to book one of these meals you should:-

1. Use the booking form provided on the school newsletter to order by the deadline.

(I’m sorry but I can’t accept bookings after the deadline as I have to order the food in advance)


2. Pay using your parent pay account.
(for a child’s meal use: dinner money for Sutton in Craven option - £2.10)
(for an adult guest: use adult meal service option - £3.50)

Please remember that if your child usually has a school meal you do not need to pay twice!

I look forward to seeing you soon

Mrs Pam Johnson
School Cook

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