Attendance policy

Positive behaviour and good attendance are central to raising standards and pupil attainment.’ (DFE)

At Sutton in Craven Community Primary School we wish to support all parents/carers in helping their child to attend school on every occasion when the school is open if he/she is well enough to do so

We understand that children are sometimes reluctant to attend school.  If a child is reluctant to attend, it is never the answer to cover up their absence or give in to pressure to excuse them from attending. This gives the impression that attendance does not matter and may actually make things worse.

A child registered at school can legally miss school in only very limited circumstances. These include:

• When the child is too ill to attend
• When the school has authorised the absence beforehand for exceptional  circumstances

Every half-day absence from school has to be classified by the school, (not by the parents), as either AUTHORISED or UNAUTHORISED. This is why information about the cause of each absence is always required, either in writing, or phone call. Written proof of appointments during the school day is always requested.

We know that attendance of;

96% or above is  a good attendance rate which will best support all aspects your child’s progress and attainment at school and  promote a positive work ethic
94% – 95% is  an attendance rate which is considered a minimum level to support your child’s progress and attainment at school
85% – 93% is poor attendance rate which can affect a child’s learning, attainment and progress at school
Below 85% is unacceptable attendance rate which disrupts a child’s learning, attainment and progress at school

(NYCC 2013)

Parents are encouraged to contact school at an early stage and to work with school in resolving any problems

In school we also have access to a Parent Support Advisor who can work with parents/carers to support attendance.

We are obliged to monitor and record attendance daily and regularly report attendance data to the Governing Body, the Local Authority and the Government.

Usually if attendance is below 85% we will contact the Education Social Worker from the Local Authority who will try to resolve the situation by agreement but, if other ways of trying to improve the child’s attendance have failed, these Officers can use Court proceedings to prosecute parents or to seek an Education Supervision Order in respect of the child.

If your child’s attendance falls below our target of 95% in any term then we will write to you at the end of term.


Lateness affects your child’s attainment (test performance) and achievement (progress) for example if your child is 15 minutes late a day this is equivalent to
- 1 hour 15 minutes per week
- 47 ½ hours a year
- 57 lessons

The School day starts promptly at 9am when each class begins with basic skills such as spelling and times tables.

The doors open at 8.55 am.

Those children who are not present to answer their names but arrive before 9.30am will be marked as late. Any child arriving later than 9.00am should enter school via the main entrance and report to the school office. If accompanied, a parent or carer should give a reason for lateness which will be kept and recorded in the late book at the office window.

If your child is not in school by 9.30 and you have not notified school of a reason for absence we will contact you by telephone to establish the reason for absence. For this reason it is important that your up to date contact details are held in school.

We monitor lateness regularly and will contact parents where there is cause for concern. Educational Social workers also monitor lateness regularly as it is a form of absence and will contact parents if this is a persistent problem

March 13