Buddies 19/20

Welcome to our new Playground Buddies pupil voice group for 2019/20. This year our group has 20 children from years 4, 5 and 6 and is lead by Mrs.Howes and Mrs.Roberts.

Our main focus is to look after people and playground equipment during lunchtime and playtimes. We are very lucky to have lots of exciting equipment to use. All equipment is divided between the front and back playground to benefit as many children as possible. The buddies will also lead games and activities to encourage children to join in and enjoy their playtimes.

What do buddies do?

Buddies want to make sure that everyone has a friend to play with & that every lunchtime break is a LOT OF FUN!

  • *They organise games, obstacle courses, races and dress-up shows at lunch times
  • *Make sure everyone uses playground equipment in a proper manner
  • *Are in charge of taking playground equipment out
  • *Responsible for putting playground equipment bac

We aim to make playtimes fun, easy and safe and make sure that everyone has a friend to play with.

Look out for us and our yellow hats!!!