Tuck Shop 1819

Price List children can bring up to  70p and can buy one food item and one drink
Kit Kat 20p
Crisps 50p
Fruit Flakes 50p
Bread Sticks

5p each

(maximum of 4)

Cool Cups Juice Drink 20p

Hello and welcome to our Tuck Shop page.

We have eleven children appointed to the group this year. Each class in school has their own set day to shop at our Tuck Shop Company where they can but a health snack at morning break. Profits from our Company can be applied for by other Pupil Voice Groups to support their work across the school.

Our aims are to provide low salt and low sugar snacks to all of our customers. Our product range is carefully selected by the group and we are mindful to provide for the range of dietary needs our customers have.

Customer are able to purchase one food item and one drink per weekly vsiist and will need no more than 70p for these purchases. Our products  range starts at 5p per snack.

Here are our rules

  • Every Class is able to visit our tuck shop once a week - there is a Y6 Pupil on duty every day.
  • Children can bring up to 70p and can buy up to one food item and one drink each 
  • Children are not allowed to share Tuck Shop treats with their friends because of possible food intolerance issues.
  • The items for sale are subject to availability and we plan to add seasonal changes to what is on offer.

We look forward to serving you!

The Tuck Shop Company

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