Green Group 19/20

This year the Green Group has a special focus - we want the school to use less plastic as well as save energy and recycle wherever possible.

We have already asked those students who drink milk, if they could do so without using a straw and most have agreed - so we have already eliminated most of the non recyclable waste from plastic straws!

Led by Mr Allack, one group leads on waste management, recycling (paper, bottles and cans) we can now recycle all our plastic pens and board markers when they run out.  In fact, we can recycle anyone’s plastic writing instruments including yours! Just check here to find out what we can accept.

Led by Mrs Kerr, the other group of children are working in the 'gardening group', growing vegetables and flowers as well as keeping the beds around school tidy and weed free.  We are looking forward to birds nesting in our new bird boxes and to increasing the amount of wildlife in our chill out zone.