Sports day 2015

Our annual sports day took place on 30 June 2015. We were blessed with perfect weather, lovely summer sunshine with a light breeze. As always we used the fantastic facilities of Sutton Park adjacent to school where we were afforded  shade by the trees when children needed a rest. KS1 had their sports in the morning – with staff being helped by a great team of Y6 pupils. During the afternoon KS2 had their sports events. It was great to see so many families attending – some for the first time and some reminiscing about sports days past. Some grandparents of a Y6 pupil said they would miss their annual sports day outing after so many years and might just come back next year, ’for the fun of it all!’

Well done to all the children who put their heart and soul into trying their best and also for supporting their friends – you did us all proud. Well done too to the Mums and Dads, Auntie, Uncles, Grandmas and Grandads who took part in the adults races – you were great! Thanks to our superb staff who ensured that everything went smoothly and a fun and rewarding day was had by all.