Let it go!

As part of their Term2 learning  'Splendid Skies' Y1 and Y2 released 60 balloons (in our school colours of jade and purple of course!) into the splendid skies of Sutton Park on one cloudy day in January 2015. As the balloons drifted  away  children and staff wondered whether they would ever find out where they eventually landed - to make sure people knew where the balloons had originated children  made sure that each balloon had our contact details firmly attached. Imagine their surprise when a short time later a letter arrived in school - with  a Danish postmark and stamps!

It seems that balloon number 29 had travelled west above our home county of North Yorkshire, then sailed westward across the North Sea until it eventaully came to rest  in Odder, a town in the heart of Denmark. The string of the balloon became  'entangled in a tree' where two little boys, Valentin and Caspian were attracted by 'the puple colour.'

Casapin and Valentin wrote a letter to Y1 explaining that they live 875 kilometers away from Sutton in Craven. As you can imagine our school community has been delighted with a response and now the children have written letters and taken photos to their new friends and included lots of questions for them...