Sutton's Got Brass News - January 2015

 Happy new year!

 Everyone seemed to enjoy our very first performance at Christmas ,now to work on our next one!

John Morman - is our fantastic conductor and under him the band are making great progress

Neve in Y5 is doing a fabulous job as PA  to Heather! She has agreed (with mums supervision) to take the weekly register for us , she also provided a spreadsheet to enable the record of weekly subs.She has gathered everyones information and provided me with a copy.

Parents and other members of the band  have the following roles:

Cait Stringer is our librarian.

Connors mum has agreed to be our Treasurer.

Simon is Band Sargeant , which includes the care of intruments , behaviour etc

Neves mum has agreed to be on the commitee ( we are in the process of arranging a meeting to suit everyone). As she is taking care of the register she will chase up absences etc, checking everyone is ok .

Brody and Neve have agreed to be young representitives for the band  (leading and encouraging by example)

Jeremy (our Chairman) has gone to Tenerife until March

If you would like to join us come along to the school hall at 6.15 every Wednesday - for more information use the contact form below