YR Introduction to phonics - Oct 15

We held an two after school sessions for parents to learn more about:

  • What phonics is, and how and why we do it.
  • How to pronounce each sound correctly.
  • How you can support your child with reading and writing at home.

Sounds in spoken language – the beginning of phonics

At Sutton CP School, when children enter the Reception class they take part in high quality phonics sessions every day. These are fun sessions involving lots of speaking, listening and games, where the emphasis is on children’s active participation. They learn to use their phonic knowledge for reading and writing activities and in their independent play.

As you know, the ability to read and write well is a vital skill for all children, paving the way for an enjoyable and successful school experience.

Children learn and practise many of the skills that they need for reading and writing from a very early age. They do this through a wide range of activities and experiences, at home and in school.

The  booklet below  is to give you a clear picture of how we approach the teaching of phonics and word recognition and how, as a parent or carer, you can support and encourage your child at home.