Harvest Appeal 2015 - 'The Snowdrop Project.'

In 2015 we are proud to be offering a 'Harvest of Hope' to 'The Snowdrop Project' set up by Lara Bundock who is originally from Skipton. The Snowdrop Project was suggested by our good friend Rev Rob who has know Lara since she was little. 

Update March 16

You will recall that we supported the Snowdrop Project for our Harvest Appeal in October…

Dear staff and pupils…

Thank you so much for your support and your generous donation of £600 to the Snowdrop Project! Your donation has helped us so much to renovate three flats we had to fix up for our ladies this winter. We’ve included a ‘during’ and ‘after’ photo of one of them so you can see what a difference your support makes! Thank you again! Lara, Rachel & The Snowdrop Team



Oct 15

Lara came to see us to tell us about her work.

'Most of us hope that one day, we will get a good job and be able to look after our families and ourselves.  For some people in the world, this is not always easy. Some of these people get tricked in to taking a job that is not what they expected.

  • Not being paid for your work
  • Being locked in to your house or work
  • Being told lies
  • Forced to do things they don’t want
  • Taken away from family
  • Hurt

This is called MODERN SLAVERY'

Our school family was issued a  Harvest challenge by Lara

'For 3 weeks, find jobs that you can do at home such as:

  • Doing the washing up
  • Tidying the living room
  • Walking the dog
  • Cleaning the toilet (!)
  • Hoovering
  • Making the bed

For each job, ask  for a donation to go in your moneybox.'  

On the 16th October everyone brought their money boxes to school. Lara came back, with her Mum and Dad, and our friend Rev Rob led our Harvest celebration. When the boxes were empitied we are proud to tell you that we raised £550 for the Snowdrop Project. The money raised will be used to help women who have escaped from slavery and are starting a new life.'We sent Lara our money boxes whcih were covered in  our good wishes to her and her team x

For more information see www.snowdropproject.co.uk (charity no 1158856)