E safety day - Feb 16


On Friday 12 Feb we were visited in school by Dot, the ever-so-friendly but ‘definitely different’ Agony Aunt.  She came to help answer questions about online safety as part of our e-safety day.  Dot was equipped with a sack of worried letters from worried parents, worried teachers, worried kids and even worried grannies!

Who’s making messy footprints all over the internet? Why do imaginary friends always seem cooler than real ones? Will Grandad EVER learn how to take a selfie and share it safely?

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all took part in an exciting 1-hour interactive drama workshop exploring the ever-changing world of social media for children, which covered the following issues:

•  digital footprints

•  online gaming

•  digital citizenship

•  picture messaging

•  social networking & online friends

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had been visited the day before by PCSO Tina, who also talked to the children about the importance of staying safe online and how to do so.  As a result of PCSO Tina and Dot’s visits to Sutton CP School (plus Mr Horton’s assembly) by the end of our Safer Internet Week the children had learned…

The importance of being nice and safe whilst using the internet.

Expressing ideas, thoughts and feelings through role play and drama.

People don't always look like they should on the internet.

To always ask an adult if they are unsure about something they come across whilst playing online.

When Y6 pupils were asked how their parents could help protect them online they said;

Do not buy games for me that our out of my age range

  1. Share the same password and social media accounts so you can see what is being posted on our accounts
  2. Always 'friend' me on our social media accounts
  3. Do not allow me to use smart devices in private areas

(source Governor monitoring  feedback report)

There was also a session for parents who had the following comments to make:

'It was very useful to find out more about apps and what they can do. Also very interesting to find out about how accessible our data is.''

'The websites which give instructions how to set parental settings were useful.'

'It was interesting to hear what the children thought the fact that they want us to be involved in their internet ‘life.’

'It was very informative and scary! My child is only Y2 and is quite happy looking at clips of octopus falling into the water of ‘funny cat clips’ but I know this is only the start of it! It was very good event and websites given for future information!'

I learned about Minecraft works and how the other characters are real people. I liked that the trainer had worked with the children.

'What the children had said about their own internet safety'.

'It was an insight into how much children can actually do online.'

'The event provided an insight into social media sites that I did not know existed.'

They also made some suggestions for future sessions

'Sessions where parents could use a pc and have a go at altering sessions and what to look at.'

'We could have talked for longer!'

'Ongoing sessions because new sites and appear!'

'In future workshops could actually show us some of the popular games and where the settings are as an example.'

Thanks go to Mr Horton for all his work to organise our e safety work in school.

(source parental questionaire)