Y5 Bikeability - Jul 16

Year 5 took part in ‘Bikeabiltiy’. Everyone involved cycled for two full days. We had to learn how to signal safely, look behind our shoulders and do the life savers look. One day was spent cycling in the playground, where we practiced our signalling and general bike handling. The instructors practiced the basics of cycling and how to set off with the class. On the second day (most of which was spent on the road), we learnt how to signal both left and right, in and out and worked more on junctions. We also learnt how to go down a minor road and signal up a minor road.

  • ‘Doing ‘Bikeablity’ made me feel more confident in myself on the bike open the road.’ – Niah
  • ‘I enjoyed riding on the road and learning how to cross junctions.’  - Isaac.
  • ‘I learnt how to signal correctly on the roads.’ - Elliot
  • ‘I really enjoyed riding on the road and learning where and when to signal.’ - Jenson