Sports Relief 2016

‘At Sutton in Craven Community Primary School  we have  high expectations and aspirations for all  our pupils.  We are aim for the highest levels of achievement and personal development for all pupils during their time  here –  we  believe that pupil leadership is fundamental to this experience.’

One such group is the ‘Fundraising Family’ who put together a programme of planned giving to charity throughout the year. This year one their chosen charities was Sports Relief which took place nationally between 18-20 March. The group had some novel ideas for raising money. Firstly they declared a ‘Penny War’ challenge to all classes – to see which class could collect the most pennies. Y5 was declared the winner! The Fundraisers also contacted the local Co op in Cross Hills and arranged to go bag packing.

Their report is below:

On Wednesday 23rd March, 4 of our Fundraising Family went to the Co-op in Crosshills to raise money for Sports Relief. Whilst we were there we helped shoppers to pack their bags. It felt really good to hear the publics comments of ‘CP rocks’, ‘This school is awesome’, ‘Sutton CP rules’ and ‘Sutton CP is the best’. On top of this we helped in our community and raised £89.15. We would like to thank the staff at Cross Hills Co op for allowing us to bag pack in their shop and to everyone who gave us a donation.

By Ellie  and Kaci

The total raised for sports relief was £269.23!  This will now be added to the current charity total for 2015/16 of an amazing £2506.66. Once again our children have made us proud!