Spring Forward Festival - Apr 17

Each year we plan a day of learning focused on the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural element of the National Curriculum. Over the years lasting memories have been made

In 2015/16 we held a Light Fantastic Festival (Advent, Hanukkah and Diwali) and the year before Reconciliation and Forgiveness.

This year we celebrated a Spring SMSC day - with the theme of fresh starts, new beginnings and celebration, which is something which we are are all looking forward as we emerge from the dark days of winter and 'Spring Forward' towards the brighter days of summer.

The SMSC days are very different from a usual day in school- children are in small (often family) groups and throughout the day they visit a range of learning experiences provided by our staff and our regular assembly leaders from the local, and also wider, community. The whole day focused on what brings us together and not what drive us apart and forms part of our commitment  to develop British Values.

We had a wonderful day. Everywhere you looked in school there were groups of children and adults enjoying each others company and learning lots - about how to get along with other people, respecting their different opinions, learning about different faiths and traditions, singing joyfully, fun arts and crafts, bulb planting and planning for the future...