Friday 2 March 2018

Dear Children

We have entered a challenge called 100 million minutes starting from today. We need to read as much as we can in the next 4 weeks and record all the minutes we read. You will get bookmarks to keep track of all the minutes once school reopens but, until then, keep a record in your learning journal. When you tell me how long you have read for I will put it in our total and it will be added to the nation’s total. There are certificates for those who read a lot. To make it more fun you can also go onto a website which has lots of reading games to play too. If you want to follow how the nation is doing with the challenge your parents can follow it on Twitter using #100MillionMinutes or @AfA_Education

Whilst we are waiting for the weather to improve have fun getting stuck in a book! Why not post some pictures of you snuggled up with a book on our Facebook Page?

Stay safe and warm

Mrs Fletcher

PS We'll hold our own World Book Day when we are back in school next week