Sutton pupils ‘milk it’ for all its worth on trip to dairy - Nov 18

On Thursday 15th November, pupils from Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary School were given real life experiences during their trip to a dairy and working farm to help bring their science lessons to life.

Sixty three year two and four pupils visited Dales Dairy in Grassington for a day of new experiences tied in with the ‘Animals and living things’ themes they are currently studying as part of their science curriculum. The trip was planned by Dales Dairy and Sutton CP in a bid to inform children about the process their food goes through and to inspire children to work in industry or agriculture.

The children toured the dairy; exploring how the bottles are cleaned and the milk pasteurised.  They followed the whole process and asked many great questions.  They were also given a virtual tour of the process, following the journey of the milk from farm to food on the shelves.  The day was rounded off with a tour on the herd on site.  The children were able to see up close some of the cows that produce their school milk.

Commercial Director at Dales Dairy, Paul Mason, said: “It was a pleasure to have such a well behaved group who asked some really interesting questions and showed some great learning. They are a credit to you all at the school.”

Year four teacher, David Horton, commented: “This visit to Dales Dairy has brought a new dimension to the children’s understanding of science and any out-of-class lessons help to bring the subject to life.”