School Development Priorities 2019

Our school is a place ‘where learners grow.’ A kind community where the worth of everyone is nurtured and celebrated. We are rooted in a love of learning and building the confidence and courage to be ourselves. Together we flourish to be the best that we can be.

Each year we use a range of sources to set priorities for the upcoming year.  We explain to children that making  something wonderful Your child may already be able to tell you what some of these are as we have been using assemblies this week to discuss them. Written in child friendly language we have set the following  as aspirations for the end of 2019/20

Pupil friendly version

We are working at getting better at

  • spelling words correctly all the time
  • doing neat cursive handwriting
  • knowing our times tables
  • knowing how to check and improve our work
  • Adults will challenge us to do our best and give us lots of engaging learning opportunities so we can develop our skills.

Adult Friendly version

children need to

  • To improve  confidence and accuracy in spelling
  • To enable children to develop a consistent cursive handwriting script
  • To enable children to confidently recall x tables facts at speed
  • To become skilled at evaluating editing and improving their own work

adults need to

  • continue to  have a relentless focus on meeting the needs of the most able, disadvantaged pupils; paying particular attention to the prior low attainers in writing.
  • reduce variability in outcomes in maths by the end of KS2
  • Maintain the consistency of good  teaching across the curriculum
  • refine the curriculum to ensure consistently strong progression in the development of pupils’ knowledge and skills across different subject areas.