Y5 Visit London - May 19

Visit  to The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey—reported by Simeon and Daisy

On Friday 3rd May, all of Year 5 met up at Skipton Train Station in the very early morning. It was very cramped in the station, but we all just managed to fit. After everyone arrived, we clambered on the train, which was busy with commuters.  As soon as we all found our seats, everyone yanked food and games instantaneously out of their heavy bags. It took three hours to get to Kings Cross but the time flew by rapidly. In the middle of the journey, we all got incredibly delicious baked treats that were provided free of charge by the kind gentleman who worked on the train.

When we arrived at King’s Cross, we got in our groups and strolled to the tube station. There were masses of people in the active tube system. The first tube we got on was approximately 10 minutes long and the second was roughly 5 minutes.

After we got out of the station, we saw the Elizabeth Tower getting reconstructed. When we reached the entrance of the Houses of Parliament, everyone was overwhelmed with excitement. We all had to go through an airport style security check, then put our bags in a cage so that we could have a break from our shoulders aching.

In certain parts of the Houses of Parliament, the teachers couldn’t take any photos, due to privacy. All around you could witness extravagant paintings and past Prime Ministers. In the Houses of Lords and Commons, you couldn’t sit down on the benches, so we knelt. There was also a mammoth seat for the speaker. A colossal throne for the Queen sat there, made from solid gold. After our tour, we attended a workshop on representation and voting where we created our own manifestos and political parties. Our lunch break was straight after this, we needed to fill our tummies and refuel for the afternoon.

We tottered along to Westminster Abbey, where we created beautiful miniature stained glass windows, before having the opportunity to observe in real life. We were delighted to see David Hockney’s  new, modern window perched within the walls. Whilst wandering around Westminster Abbey, our class was specially mentioned during prayers.

Sadly, we then had to leave our capital city of London and make our way back to Kings Cross, ready for our departure home. The rush hour traffic meant that the tube stations were incredibly busy, but we all stuck together as a team and managed to squeeze ourselves on. On our return journey back to Skipton, there were lots of happy (and tired) pupils. A great day was had by all.