Race for Life - Home Challenge May 2020

We're still racing for life. Repeat. We're still racing for life.!

On 15 May 2020 we would all have been taking part in our school’s Race for life.

Unfortunately, we are not able to join together to enjoy this event but we still want to do something. So from your home we would love for you to join us in our

Race for Life-Home Challenge. 

Whatever you want to do. Whatever you can do.

Dance, limbo, star jump, squat, skip, dance… whatever! Come up with your own Race for Life at Home Challenge or complete your race in the garden. Whether you do 5k or a few laps, it’s just about getting involved! Maybe you would like to do a family workout challenge. 

All we ask is that you join us, have fun and share it with us by posting your photos/videos on  google classroom/tapestry.

Once you have completed your challenge please donate to our just giving page… every penny helps! 


At a time when it feels like everything’s at a standstill, there is one thing that hasn’t stopped, Cancer!

Lots of love