Closure of Year 6 class Fri 19th Nov , returning Tues 30th Nov

Immediate closure of the Year 6 class for face to face teaching Friday 19th Nov 21 6.15pm

Dear Parents

Decision to close the Year 6 class from face to face teaching

As you are aware from previous communications there has been a number of COVID cases within the Year 6 class over this week and it is now clear that there is a significant outbreak within the class.  As a result of the outbreak we have sought advice from Public Health England and the Local Authority regarding the school position.  Following this advice we have now had to make the difficult decision to close the Y6 class and move to remote learning. This will be effective immediately.  Please do not send your child to school on Monday, they will need to remain at home and access remote learning. We have been advised by Public Health England that 10 days’ isolation is needed to halt the spread so we will resume face to face learning in class on Tuesday 30th November.  

We have been tracking the outbreak in Year 6 carefully and have been in consultation with Public Health England and the Local Authority and governors repeatedly over the week before having to make this decision. It has become clear, having considered the guidance, the advice given and crucially, the potential impact that leaving this outbreak unchecked could have on the learning for the entire school, we have no reasonable alternative but to close the class. With backing from our Education Advisor and governors, we believe this is the only way forward to safeguard both staff and children. 

PCR advice and Siblings of Year 6 children

In order to limit further spread we continue to urge you to follow earlier advice and ensure your child has a PCR test and inform school of the results of these as soon as possible.

Siblings of Year 6 children can attend school while waiting for the Year 6 child’s PCR result if they have negative LFT results.  Otherwise they should stay at home until the test results are known.

Please re read the guidance sent out earlier in the week to ensure you know how to access a PCR.

Remote learning arrangements

Remote learning will begin on Monday and we are working hard to ensure that we can maximise the educational impact for all Year 6 children.  We would recommend that your child has a quiet place to work throughout the day with access to a laptop or Chromebook.  If you do not have access to a Chromebook and would like to borrow one from school, please let us know.  Remote learning will follow a similar timetable to being in school.  All children will be expected to attend a google meet at 9.05am each day where a register will be taken.  If your child is unwell, or will be unable to attend for a different reason, please inform school in advance through the school office.  In the morning Miss Dunkley and the Year 6 team will teach Maths and English via a mixture of live teaching, work set on google classroom and online resources, there will be a similar approach in the afternoon.  The day will end with a google meet that again, we would expect all children to attend. We aim to minimise the disruption to learning as much as possible, if there is any assistance you need in making this happen, please get in touch through the school office. 


Finally, we wanted to say on behalf of the school and the governors that this is not a position that any of us wanted to find ourselves in again. We have tried all available actions to ensure a class closure was not required however, with growing positive cases in Year 6 and clear guidance from Public Health England and the Local Authority we have no choice but to move to remote learning. We recognise that this is not easy for parents and we are very grateful for your support.