Welcome to Bella the Dog - Feb 22

Bella, the beautiful black Labrador puppy, was born in March 2021 and with her velvety nose, chocolate brown eyes and silky coat quickly won the heart of Miss Ibbotson.

Miss Ibbotson was looking for a puppy shaped pal to join her at home and it was a match made in the stars! For nearly a year the staff team  have been kept up to date with the progress of this canine princess. The staff Whats App group has been crammed with pictures of her escapades and adventures. She has kept us smiling through some tough times.

Bella even came to school on a training day last year when was smothered with cuddles from the staff. Bella may live with Miss Ibbotson but we instantly took her to our hearts. Bella belongs to us all!

So, Bella was already one of the Sutton CP Family when she came to visit everyone during Animal Stories Week. She was immediately made very welcome by the children who behaved with impeccable care and consideration around her. Miss Ibbotson was so proud of both the children and her beloved pooch!

The plan over time is for Bella  to become a regular visitor into school much like Bonny the Dog did prior to the pandemic. Bella will be trained as a therapy dog. There is much  research about the positive impact that  therapy animals can have in schools, hospitals and care homes.

We look forward to watching this beautiful young dog grow and learn alongside our pupils. Welcome to the family Bella!