April 2013

In the Spring Term our topics were Potions and Beast Creator. We did lots of science connected to these topics. We had some interesting sessions ...Read more

There are five basic tastes: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness and umami and Year 3 tasted all of them. Some they liked more than others! ...Read more

One afternoon Year 3 were able to get 'hands on' with models of the human body. We looked at a models of the eye, knee ...Read more

Year 3 learnt about the mummification process. We talked about removing the organs first and how they removed the brain through the nose! We found ...Read more

Welcome to the summer term! We have a very busy term ahead of us with lots fun and interesting things planned. In literacy we will ...Read more

Welcome to the Autumn term! We have a busy term with lots of exciting learning to do. In Literacy we will learn how to write ...Read more