April 2016

Curriculum focus Scienc e English Non Chronological Reports; Shape Poetry; Slogans and Adverts; Biography; Narrative using Personification Science Human Circulatory System; Measuing Heart Rate; History ...Read more

Well done to Year 1 and Year 2 for their excellent production of ‘Our Rainforest’ written by Mrs Wendy Turvey. Their bright costumes, colourful animal ...Read more

Children in Y6 enjoyed at Eshton Grange, Gargrave this week attending ‘Crucial Crew’ which has been running annually for a number of years. Crucial Crew ...Read more

***Updated*** To commemorate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death Sutton CP School children from Years 3 & 4 performed the classic Shakespearean comedy, 'A ...Read more

Curriculum Focus Art & Design English Leaflets; Free Verse Poetry; Autobiography; Email; Signs and Slogans Art & Design Photography; Graffiti Art; Observational Drawing Computing Digital ...Read more

Curriculum Focus Music English Biography; Dialogue; Riddle; Fairy Tales; Comic Strips Music Singing & Peformance; Comparing Music; Listening & Appreciation; Notation; Composition; Rhythm Art & ...Read more

Curriculum Focus Science English Fact Files; Explanatory Texts using Idioms; Fantasy Narrative; Slogans; Persuasive Texts Science Teeth types; Tooth Decay & Hygiene; The Digestive System; ...Read more

Curriculum Focus History English Job Applications; Kennings: Diaries; Playscripts; Letters History 1066- The Norman Conquest Art & Design The Bayeux Tapestry; Drawing; Embroidery Computing Searching ...Read more