Tapestry Feedback - May 18

Overall, how useful do you find Tapestry to keep you informed about your child’s learning?

  • We enjoy seeing what your child is doing at school. We can then show him the photos on Tapestry and he ‘remembers’ what he has been learning.
  • Very useful
  • It has been great to see some of the things he gets up to in school as he is rarely forthcoming with any information!
  • Very useful!
  • I find it helpful and interesting as to what has been going on in the classroom and what has been taught.
  • Good
  • It’s a great idea. As you know children don’t give much away when they get home from school, so to see what they do at school, who they play with and how they play is a real insight. It also helps give us ideas at home.
  • Tapestry is useful in keeping us updated with what my child has been learning and next steps in learning. It is also good as we get to know what our child has been doing at school as he forgets.
  • Find it very useful and enjoy reading them and watching the videos.
  • I find it a useful insight into what she is doing at school and always enjoy seeing her enthusiasm.
  • We don’t really refer to it I’m afraid.

Do you find the ‘Next steps of learning’ helpful?

  • It helps us to make sure we follow up on what is being taught in school.
  • Yes so we know where to focus on learning whilst at home.
  • Yes, it just gives us a marker of where to aim for when we’re chatting with him about things and are out and about.
  • Yes. They are a very useful guide for tailoring home-learning and give us a good idea as to how our daughter is progressing.
  • Definitely
  • Fine – duplication in home learning book though. It can be hard keeping up with all the information when both parents work full time.
  • To be honest I’ve never noticed it before! I obviously have read it but not thought anything more. In future I’ll take more notice.
  • It is useful as it guides you in how you can help your child progress.
  • I like the idea of the ‘next steps of learning’ but in reality we don’t often follow them up so prescriptively. I do think they give me a good idea of the level of learning she is at.

Have you ever used Tapestry to share any learning experiences from home? If yes, what did you share and why? If no, is there any reason why not?

  • Not yet
  • No, not yet
  • No. My child is loving writing and drawing so home learning generally gets stuck in his book and we annotate around it. Whilst computer literate ourselves we both still find paper and pen much easier!!
  • Yes, we have shared various experiences, such as creative ideas that our daughter has implemented, family activities and what our daughter has learned from them. Also how our daughter has applied herself in home learning tasks. We wanted to share these learning experiences with you!
  • Only show Daddy and Grandparents.
  • No – not easy to use on mobile phone
  • Yes, I’ve shared some home learning on Tapestry as it’s easy to do and easier to explain visually.
  • Yes, homework.
  • Not done anything yet.
  • No I haven’t. I think because I’m not naturally comfortable with uploading pictures or narratives onto social media and so it would take a lot of pre-thought. It just often does not occur to me! Also, time constraints with a young family.
  • No I am a bit of a technophobe and I’m the one who has a less busy work life so usually participate in school things. Her Dad has the ‘link sent’ to his phone, but doesn’t check it often.

How useful do you find the assessment statements and the characteristics of effective learning that are linked to each observation?

  • I think these are helpful to know which areas need support.
  • Very useful
  • I like to see what areas of learning are covered and how it all links together.
  • We find them useful. They can sometimes be a bit generic and seem like curriculum box ticking, however, overall they provide a useful guide to our daughter’s development.
  • Very helpful
  • Ok
  • If I’m honest I don’t find them useful and it’s probably because I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be looking for.
  • Quite useful as a guide on how to progress.
  • Useful
  • Moderately useful. I think mostly it is just reassurance that my daughter is developing in different areas within the rough guidelines for her age.
  • I prefer the physical paper forms of communication… one day I suppose I’ll be forced into the 21st Century! Sorry.

Do you share the observations with your child? If yes, please tell us about your experiences with your child.

  • Yes. He excitedly tells us about what he was doing in the photos and we talk about the observations, he explains it to us.
  • Yes. She loves telling us what she’s done.
  • Yes. He loves looking at the pictures and videos of himself and it jogs his memory about what he’s done at school. It also means we can include him when we write our response.
  • Yes, we share the comments and show her the site.
  • No.
  • Yes. She likes looking at the pictures and describes in more detail what she was doing.
  • Yes. I share most observations and he’s really keen to explain what was going on and what they were doing. We talk about who he plays with and what he enjoys doing. He’s very animated when talking about it.
  • Yes. It helps my child remember what he did at school and then he will tell me more about what he did.
  • Yes. We sit as a family and watch whilst he explains what he did.
  • Yes. I share some of the observations. I sometimes think I will get more of a reaction from Milly but often she is very ‘matter of fact’ and accepting that I know some of the activities she been up to at school.
  • When my daughter was getting upset going into school in a morning, the teachers put a number of pictures on Tapestry each day. She liked looking at them.

Is there any way in which we can improve the way in which we use Tapestry?

  • We are grateful for Tapestry. Keep up the good work.
  • Would there be a way of adding email alerts? Very good site overall. Thank you for your hard work with it.
  • Not at the moment. If I do think of something I shall let you know.
  • Can it be used as a mobile app? Can it be used to replace all paper homework – don’t mind if paper or electronic but using both paper and e-communication leads to duplication.
  • Not that I can think of. It’s simple to use and a lovely way of discovering what your child does at school.
  • No
  • No improvements that I can think of at the moment.
  • No – we need to improve our participation!