Use of Non Prescribed Emollient

Please see below and attached information received from North Yorkshire County Council.This information has also been emailed to all families.

NYCC Guidance on the use of  non-prescribed emollient creams has changed. These are now permitted in  schools.

Use of emollient:  GPs have been reporting an increase in families requesting prescriptions for emollients for children as a result of increased handwashing and colder weather.  In most cases an over the counter emollient will help this condition and so a GP appointment and prescription is unnecessary. NYCC has agreed with NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups that emollients are  allowed in school without a prescription.

If you believe that your child needs to use a non prescribed  emollient cream in school you should:

  • read the guidance attached carefully 
  • complete the  Parental Consent and Agreement  form
  • email the completed  form  to Mrs Wallace

Mrs Wallace will confirm receipt with you by email and notify the class teacher. You must wait for this confirmation before sending your child into school with cream.

The cream will be stored safely in the classroom for your child to use after handwashing (you must ensure the tube  is labelled with your child's name)

If your child already has prescribed cream in school there is no need to take any action.

A word copy of this document is available by emailing the school office.