Y6 Safeguarding

We understand that as parents of Y6 children  you might want to encourage them to become more independent in their final year of primary school as they begin to prepare for secondary school. We want to be able to support you to do so. Please read the information below and complete the attached permission form and return it to school.

Pupils walking home from school alone

We are aware that many of our Year 6 pupils have parental permission to walk home alone.  For safeguarding reasons, we would like to maintain a register of pupils whose parents allow them to walk home alone, so that staff can release them appropriately at the end of the day.

Mobile Phones

In previous years, we have allowed our Year 6 pupils to bring mobile phones into school. Whilst we do not encourage this, we understand that children who are allowed to walk to and from school by themselves like to bring them so they can contact their parents.  We do not allow mobile phones  to be kept in the classroom nor used by children on the school site, including the playground. Phones will be collected each morning and safely stored in the school office.  Please be aware that we cannot accept responsibility for any damage done to the phone whilst in the hands of your child.

Personal ipads, Kindles and tablets

Many of our pupils have asked if they can bring tablets, ipads or Kindles into school on which they can read their books and follow the whole class novel.  We require parental consent to allow your child to bring such items into school.  Once again, whilst we will keep these as safe as possible, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage done to this equipment whilst in the hands of your child.