Advice for new parents from parents!

What advice would you give to a parent of a child starting school here in September 2020?

Sep 19 Starters

  • The Early Years Team are fantastic, the children are in very good hands.
  • Trust that they will be ok! It is a big step for both the parent and child but they are in good hands
  • I'd defo recommend this school 100%!
  • Definitely a firm choice for any student. Visits and ask questions
  • Try not to worry about their child - he/she will get there

Sep 18 starters

  • Why wouldn't you send your child to this school! Enjoy everything about the whole experience.
  • Be prepared for tears (both parents and child) but not to worry as the teachers are great
  • Arrange   a school visit and ask  any questions or queries don’t be afraid  to ask, the school are more than helpful
  • Utilise every opportunity given to plug into the school and speak to the staff – every child is different, think what is best for yours
  • Trust the staff – they know what they’re doing as Mrs Beetles’ advice to ‘keep your face’ until you have dropped them off and then cry later really stuck with me (and worked…)
  • Make the most of the new starters package to help them settle, and don’t worry – the staff are great and know what they are doing!
  • Don’t worry your child is in great hands. They will be well looked after and soon be thriving in the class.
  • ask for feedback on how child is settling in
  • Not to worry. The school ensures that you and your child are very familiar with the school and the teachers before their first day. We were more apprehensive than our son on his first day. He went into school on his first day without tears or a backward game.
  • Don't worry
  • Sutton CP is a fantastic choice of school. All my children are very happy here
  • take the advice given in meetings such as the welcome evening
  • Not to worry as the staff are all welcoming & helpful that any concerns you do have are quickly dealt with and staff keep you informed of child’s progress. A lovely experience
  • Attend all opportunities where possible

Sep 17 starters:

  • It’s a great school
  • A wonderful choice
  • To keep an eye on the website to see most up to date info. If parent are unaware important info may be missed.
  • Be prepared for a few tears in the first few weeks. If you want to know anything just ask!
  • Relax & enjoy it
  • We would always recommend Sutton CP School
  • That it’s a lovely school and to be open about any worries or issues they have with teachers straight away because they are helpful and will help.
  • It is a really nice school. The teachers really make the pupil feel happy
  • It really does seem to be a lovely reception class but once your child has settled in be prepared for the amount of home learning. Support your child it will be big change for them
  • Brilliant school both children settled in well
  • Don’t worry; the children are well cared for and happy. Staff are very friendly and approachable.
  • Attend all transitional visits and relax
  • Speak to other parents and don’t be afraid to ask questions of the staff
  • Encourage children to enjoy school and all the amazing experiences they will encounter.
  • Relax your child is in good hands.
  • Take plenty of tissues on the first day.
  • Don’t worry and have a big smile for them on their first day, once in their school then you can shed a tear, I did!
  • Look on the website
  • Relax and be happy – your child is in a safe and happy environment and they will enjoy themselves and be learning loads of things!
  • Don’t panic or worry about your child starting school. Listen to the info given as the school will do the best to help your child have a smooth transition.
  • Get lots of uniform!