Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 Class page.


This exciting school year continues with more fun learning to be done and lots of preparation for the coming transition to new secondary schools. How exciting!

As always, there are lots of adults who are always here to help us in our learning and experiences! These adults are:

Miss Dunkley (class teacher)

Mr Allack (teaching assistant on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Mr Barrick (teaching assistant on Monday, Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Howes (PE class teacher on Tuesday afternoons)

Miss Ibbotson (French and RE class teacher on Tuesday afternoons) 

For information about our Daily Routine and learning Timetable, please see the links to the right.

During the second half of the Spring Term, our class topic is 'Save Our Planet: Climate Change' during which we shall learn about what climate change is; why and how it is happening; how it is affecting our planet and what might happen to our planet in future if we don't make changes and the changes we can collectively make to slow down, prevent or reverse the effects of climate change. We shall also look at biographical details of climate change activists and how they are raising awareness of the effects of climate change. We shall write magazine discussion articles to demonstrate our understanding of this topic and will write letters to planet earth after studying and analysing the song 'Love Song to the Earth' by Sir Paul McCartney and other artists.

Take a look at the curriculum map via the Year 6 Curriculum link to the write to see other fantastic learning we shall do this half term.

Our whole class novel is 'Saving Celeste' by Timothee de Fombelle. It is a harrowing, yet moving story with a real wake-up-call of how our futures might be affected if climate change is not tackled. In this incredibly moving and powerful story about climate change by one of France’s greatest writers for children, the world is run by !ndustry and the only thing that matters is to buy, buy, buy. People live in crowded cities where cars are stacked vertically and shopping centres run miles into the sky. On the day Celeste starts school on the 110th floor of a tower block, she meets a lonely, young boy. The next day she doesn't return. Her blood has become as polluted as the seas and rivers. On a mission to save her, the boy battles the forces of !ndustry and takes her far, far away. Will the world realise the truth of Celeste’s disease? Will there be time for her, and the planet, to recover?


We shall use this novel to inspire our own writing of stories where the characters battle to save one another - and their world - from the effects of pollution and climate change.

We shall also look at a selection of poems from the lovely poetry anthology 'Poems From A Green & Blue Planet' (edited by Sabrina Mahfouz). We shall use these during reading sessions to improve our reading fluency and prosody. We shall have such fun performing these poems aloud to our friends!

Finally, we shall also read from the non-fiction book 'The Extraordinary Life of Greta Thunberg' to inspire some biographical writing about climate change activists. 

Our class novels so far this school year have been thought-provoking and the pupils have loved having them read on a daily basis. We recommend that our pupils have their own copy of the books to read along with us where possible. It makes the whole reading experience richer!

We are really looking forward to this half term and continuing on our learning journey!

Miss Dunkley, Mr Allack, Mr Barrick, Mrs Howes and Miss Ibbotson

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