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All dates are provisional and subject to change due to the ongoing pandemic.

September 2020

Tuesday 29th September
Wednesday 30th September

October 2020

Thursday 1st October
Friday 9th October
Wednesday 21st October
Thursday 22nd October
Friday 23rd October

November 2020

Monday 2nd November
Thursday 5th November
Wednesday 11th November
Friday 13th November
Friday 13th November
Tuesday 24th November
Wednesday 25th November

December 2020

Friday 11th December
Thursday 17th December
Friday 18th December

January 2021

Monday 4th January
Tuesday 5th January
Wednesday 27th January

February 2021

Monday 1st February
Tuesday 2nd February
Wednesday 3rd February
Thursday 4th February
Friday 5th February
Tuesday 9th February
Friday 12th February
Monday 22nd February
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