School Governors

Our School Governors are at the heart of our school leadership.

Meet our 2020/21 Team here

Their responsibilities include:

  • The performance of the school
  • the future development of the school
  • Managing the school budget.
  • Appointing staff
  • The school's provision for pupils

How do they do this?

The Governors carry out their responsibilities through; full Governing Body Meetings, Governor Leadership Group Meetings and Monitoring visits to school. The Governing  Body completed a full reconstitution process in 1415 and again in Jan 17. The Full Governing Body meet  a minimum of four times a year. Governors focus their work through two strands. .

Structure and Remit

1.Pupil Outcomes Group 

This group meets half termly and has leadership responsibility for

  • Pupil attainment and achievement
  • Data Analysis which focusses on pupil outcomes
  • Pupil premium
  • SEND
  • Sports premium

 2.Business Group

This group currently meets termly and has leadership responsibility for

  • Health and safety and associated policies
  • Safeguarding and associated policies, safeguarding audit, single central record
  • HR including safer recruitment
  • School Site
  • Finance
  • Website Compliance

Being a Governors is very rewarding:

  • Making a positive difference to how well the school operates.
  • Seeing how your efforts help raise standard and achievement
  • Helping the school to be a bigger part of our community
  • Learning  new skills, enhance your cv and realise your potential
  • Having  an impact on children's lives

Training and support

There is  support for Governors, new and experienced. There is full induction process, including meeting the Head and having a tour of the school. If you wish another member of the Governing Body will act as your mentor. Training can be accessed through a range of providers including our Teaching School Alliance (HART) and the County Council. Fees are paid by the school. Courses can encourage your development as a Governor. Attendance at forums are useful for increasing your knowledge in specific areas and networking with other local Governors.

There are several different types of Governors who together make up a broad and balanced Governing Body.

Co-opted Governors 

Co-opted Governors are invited to join by the Governors. Co-opted Governors are usually a member of the local community and may well have been involved in business locally or bring some additional expertise to the Governors. They serve a 4 year membership.

  • Mr Matt Sugden  -   term of office: from 11 Jan 2021 until 10 Jan 2025  - Chair of Governors, School Business Group
  • Mr Dale Barton -  term of office:from 24 Sep 2018  until 23 Sep 2022- School Business Group
  • Rev  Simone Bennett*  - term of office: from 11 Jan 2021 until 10 Jan 2025 - Pupil Outcomes Group, School Improvement Lead
  • Mr Stuart Barrick - term of office: from 10 Mar 2020 until 9 Mar 2024

Local Authority Governors

The LA appoints these Governors, sometimes due to political representation, although anyone can apply to the LA to become an LA Governor. LA Governors serve a 4 year membership.

  • Mr  David Smith - term of office 24 Nov 2020 until 23 Nov 2024 - Pupil Progress Group

Staff Governors

Staff and teacher Governors  are elected by and represent the support & teaching staff of the school and serve a 4 year membership

  • Mrs Mandy Ward    term of office: 9 Apr 2019 until 8 Mar 2023  - Governors School Council Lead

Headteacher Governor

The Headteacher is a Governor whilst in service at the school.

  • Mrs Fiona Beetles

Parent Governors 

Parent Governors will have a child at school and are elected by parents. They then serve  a 4 year membership, even if their child leaves. Parent Governors are on the Governing Body to represent their own  view as a parent as opposed to being a conduit for the views of other parents.

  • Dr  Janet Wordley  - from 24 Sep 2019 until 23 Sep 2023 -  Vice Chair of Governors, Chair of Pupil Outcomes Group
  • Mrs Jill Taylor from 27 Nov 2017 until 26 Nov 2021 - Pupil Outcomes Group, Safeguarding Governors, SEND Governor
  • Ms Keira Burns from 27 Nov 2017 until 26 Nov 2021 -  Pupil Outcomes Group
  • Mrs Gemma Waddington from 24 Nov 2020 until 23 Nov 2024 - School Business Group

Clerk to the Governors

  •  Mr Chris Davey

Relevant Business and Pecuniary interests of governors.

  • Mr Dale Barton                                         Health and Safety Advisor  NYCC
  • Rev Simone Bennett                                Deputy Director of Education,  Diocese of Leeds
  • Mr Stuart Barrick                                      Related to member of school staff