School Governors

Our School Governors are at the heart of our school leadership.

Meet our 2021/22 Team here

Their responsibilities include:

  • The performance of the school
  • the future development of the school
  • Managing the school budget.
  • Appointing staff
  • The school's provision for pupils

How do they do this?

The Governors carry out their responsibilities through; full Governing Body Meetings, Governor Leadership Group Meetings and Monitoring visits to school. The Governing  Body completed a full reconstitution process in 1415 and again in Jan 17. The Full Governing Body meet  a minimum of four times a year. Governors focus their work through two strands. .

Structure and Remit

1.Pupil Outcomes Group 

This group meets half termly and has leadership responsibility for

  • Pupil attainment and achievement
  • Data Analysis which focusses on pupil outcomes
  • Pupil premium
  • SEND
  • Sports premium

 2.Business Group

This group currently meets termly and has leadership responsibility for

  • Health and safety and associated policies
  • Safeguarding and associated policies, safeguarding audit, single central record
  • HR including safer recruitment
  • School Site
  • Finance
  • Website Compliance

Being a Governors is very rewarding:

  • Making a positive difference to how well the school operates.
  • Seeing how your efforts help raise standard and achievement
  • Helping the school to be a bigger part of our community
  • Learning  new skills, enhance your cv and realise your potential
  • Having  an impact on children's lives

Training and support

There is  support for Governors, new and experienced. There is full induction process, including meeting the Head and having a tour of the school. If you wish another member of the Governing Body will act as your mentor. Training can be accessed through a range of providers including our Teaching School Alliance (HART) and the County Council. Fees are paid by the school. Courses can encourage your development as a Governor. Attendance at forums are useful for increasing your knowledge in specific areas and networking with other local Governors.

There are several different types of Governors who together make up a broad and balanced Governing Body.

Co-opted Governors 

Co-opted Governors are invited to join by the Governors. Co-opted Governors are usually a member of the local community and may well have been involved in business locally or bring some additional expertise to the Governors. They serve a 4 year membership.

  • Mr Matt Sugden  -   term of office: from 11 Jan 2021 until 10 Jan 2025  - Co Chair of Governors, School Business Group
  • Mr Paul mason - term of office: from 9 July 2019 until 8 Jul 2023 - Co Chair of Governors, Chair of School Business Group
  • Mr Dale Barton -  term of office:from 24 Sep 2018  until 23 Sep 2022- School Business Group
  • Rev  Simone Bennett*  - term of office: from 11 Jan 2021 until 10 Jan 2025 - Pupil Outcomes Group, School Improvement Lead
  • Mr Stuart Barrick - term of office: from 10 Mar 2020 until 9 Mar 2024 - School Business Group, Safeguarding Governor
  • Mrs Jill Taylor from 27 Nov 2017 until 26 Nov 2021 - Chair of Pupil Outcomes Group, SEND Governor

Local Authority Governors

The LA appoints these Governors, sometimes due to political representation, although anyone can apply to the LA to become an LA Governor. LA Governors serve a 4 year membership.

  • Mr  David Smith - term of office 24 Nov 2020 until 23 Nov 2024 - Pupil Progress Group

Staff Governors

Staff and teacher Governors  are elected by and represent the support & teaching staff of the school and serve a 4 year membership

  • Mrs Mandy Ward    term of office: 9 Apr 2019 until 8 Mar 2023  - Governors School Council Lead

Headteacher Governor

The Headteacher is a Governor whilst in service at the school.

  • Mrs Fiona Beetles

Parent Governors 

Parent Governors will have a child at school and are elected by parents. They then serve  a 4 year membership, even if their child leaves. Parent Governors are on the Governing Body to represent their own  view as a parent as opposed to being a conduit for the views of other parents.

  • Mrs Gemma Waddington from 24 Nov 2020 until 23 Nov 2024 - School Business Group

Clerk to the Governors

  •  Mr Chris Davey

Relevant Business and Pecuniary interests of governors.

  • Mr Dale Barton                                         Health and Safety Advisor  NYCC
  • Rev Simone Bennett                                Deputy Director of Education,  Diocese of Leeds
  • Mr Stuart Barrick                                      Related to member of school staff