Behaviour Policy

At Sutton CP School we believe in promoting a positive behaviour policy with the approach of 'this is how we do it here'.


To provide a calm and friendly school environment in which effective learning can take place, allowing all pupils to realise their full potential - personally, educationally and socially.


To ensure that children’s behaviour does not negatively impact our vision for the school:

 We are an aspirational place where learners grow.

Our school is kind and happy and we respect and celebrate the differences in ourselves, our community and our world.

Our children become responsible, determined and independent citizens.

Approach – this is how we do it here.

We encourage and support our children to follow 3 simple rules:

  • Ready 
  • Respectful 
  • Safe

These rules are to be followed by all adults and children on our school site.

These rules will be displayed throughout our learning environment and communicated regularly to children.


1.     Classroom recognition board

Children who follow the rules of Ready Respectful Safe will have their name added to the daily recognition board in their classrooms.

2.     Reward stamps

Children may receive an individual reward stamp for being ready, respectful or safe.

Once 50 stamps have been collected, children will receive a bronze award. Children then go on to collect 50 stamps for silver award and a further 50 for gold award. These awards are presented and celebrated in weekly assemblies.

3.     Learning Hero awards

 Awarded in weekly assemblies by the class teachers

4.     Headteacher award

 Exceptional behaviour is rewarded with a Headteacher postcard


If children choose not to follow our core rules of ‘Ready Respectful Safe’

The following stepped approach will be followed by all staff. All incidents of poor behaviour will be logged and monitored electronically.

1. Verbal (e.g. call name) or non verbal reminder. (Barry, sit!)

2. Caution delivered privately – “remember our rules are ready, respectful, safe. I noticed that you are (talking in class, wandering around…) and you are breaking this rule”

3. Reminder “remember (yesterday, last week, last lesson, playtime…) when you (state positive action). That is who I need to see. Thank you for listening.”

4. Consequence – “I have noticed that you have chosen not to follow our rules of Ready Respectful Safe. You need to stay in at breaktime to speak to me / you are not allowed to the MUPA until I am happy that you can be Ready Respectful Safe. Thank you.”

5. Restorative conversation and short inconvenience. Calmly discuss the behaviour and the effect it had on others. Discuss what would be a better approach next time. Limited time (not whole break time). Reminder of positive rewards on offer.

6. Ask children to complete work that they did not do in lessons.

Non negotiables (immediate consequence)

Deliberate hitting, pushing, hurting another child or adult, swearing, stealing, deliberate damaging of property. This may result in a child being ‘parked’. This means they are removed to another classroom to complete their work.

Parents will be informed if there are persistent occurrences of poor behaviour or a serious incident. A tailored individual behaviour plan may be implemented.

The SENCO, Deputy Headteacher and Headteacher are informed of all  behaviour incidents.

The final sanction is fixed term suspension or exclusion.