Y1 and Y2 Production - Animal Rumble Grumble - an African Tale

Thursday, 13 February, 2020 - 18:00

The scene was set this week for this colourful, atmospheric show which took inspiration from a traditional Kenyan folktale. The animals of the plain were fearful of a strange distant rumbling.  “Something terrible is coming this way !  It will destroy us and take over our plains.”  The animals quickly sought the advice of Ghubari, a wise old man who lived at the top of the umbrella thorn tree. But his wise and cryptic words confused them, so the animals found enough courage to seek out and confront the terrible danger that was coming closer…

The energy and enthusiasm of our young performers in Y1 and Y2 was infectious and could be seen in the wide smiles of the audience in the school hall. Words were bravely spoken and songs were belted out with gusto by the cast (and staff!)  Happy memories were certainly made and we’d like to congratulate all concerned for a truly wonderful rumble grumble!